Three things to consider when searching for a truck-mounted loader crane

During different construction projects, you will almost certainly need a crane for some of the heavy lifting. Choosing the right crane is vital for swiftly getting the task at hand done, while also respecting both the time frame and budget that the project allows. 

Here are three things worth considering when searching for a truck-mounted loader crane and a manufacturer that can deliver exactly what you are looking for – even if you are still not a 100 percent certain yourself. 

1. Look at the specific job

There are many different types of cranes and a wide range of tools available for each and every one of them. Most importantly, you will need a crane with the correct lifting capacity, which is measured in tonne-metres, but make sure to include considerations regarding the range by which the crane can operate, so you will have sufficient reach. Often, the construction site can be full of surprises, which might force you to set up the crane in a more compact environment and lift the objects above and beyond certain obstacles.  

2. Always keep safety in mind

Safety should always be of great concern at the construction site. And of course, this also applies when using a crane. Make sure to choose a crane with safety featrues and assistance in terms of e.g. an intelligent electronic stability system. Make sure that you not only know how to set up the crane and operate it correctly, but that you also know how to handle the different tools you use, such as e.g. a personnel basket or a hydraulic hoist system. 

3. Choose your company wisely

When acquiring a crane, you should always consult a trustworthy company that can assist you with the best possible truck-mounted loader crane solution. Truck owners use these cranes every single day, which makes it important that they work flawlessly and are up to the tasks the driver will be sent out to deal with. Whether emptying waste containers or delivering building supplies, the truck must be set up to do so in the most safe and efficient way. You should always search for the right manufacturer and listen to their expertise, especially if you are consulting an experienced manufacturer with great know-how and insight into the industry.    

Finally, it is always wise to choose a local manufacturer that you can meet in person and continue the relationship with after the crane is delivered. A strong, ongoing relationship will benefit both parties and ensure trust to build upon.